Saad Chaudhry

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[Android] [Java SE] [Eclipse] [PHP] [SQLite] [MySQL] [XML] [DOM]

QuizJig is a quiz/trivia game application, which contains no hardcoded questions but downloads XML files from a server to import questions. Each XML file contains 20-40 questions on a certain topic. The idea was to develop a generic quiz-game not limited to one perticular topic.

Moreover, the Questions are not plain text. They contain a relevant image, and an audio clip. The images are downloaded and stored in the phone storage while the audio is streamed from the server when required.

A user downloads a Quiz by browsing some PHP-HTML pages on local WebView. The PHP web service is also used to send user-seemless 'download-count-increment' and 'Quiz-rating-by-user' updates to the main DB on the server.

The application maintaines a local SQLite DB to store quiz properties and user game-play progress.

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