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Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System

[Java EE] [Eclipse for EE] [REST] [Jersey] [Tomcat] [XML] [XML Schema] [DOM] [XSLT]

A web service skeleton designed and implemented for demostrating the exchange of structured information, extracted from a database, to a client using the REST web architecture.

The web service is written in Java and hosted using Apache Tomcat. To save work hours, the database is simulated using an XML repository file (validated using a Schema). The repository is read using DOM Parser and the requested information is transferred as XML Strings.

Since implementing a client was not a part of this project, a web browser is used to display the retrieved XML. XSLT transform is used to make the information more readable on screen.

To make the scenario more concrete, a superficial hotel reservation system was taken as reference for creating the database, and pointing out some information request cases.


Archana Ramalingam


Detailed Report [PDF]