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UbiPill Caretaker

UbiPill Caretaker

[Android] [Java SE] [Eclipse] [PHP] [SQLite] [XML] [DOM]

Caretaker Mobile App is a smartphone application developed for PBOL, Raahe, Finland to be integrated as part of their UbiPill project. UbiPill is a ubiquitous solution for reminding senior citizens to take pills on time.

The application is developed for the patient's caretaker to monitor patient's medication regularity. It runs a background serivce that periodically polls the UbiPill server and alerts the caretaker if any new alarm is received.

A local SQLite database is maintained within the phone to store past history and future schedule. The UI displays the information (one week at a time) in a 4x7 grid showing the actual state of the patients classic 4dose-7day pillbox. Missed medications summary can also be seen in a similar arrangement. The application also enables the caretaker to update new dose timings to the central server if required.

A simple server-side PHP interface to respond to polling requests was also developed as a part of this project.

Project for:

PBOL Raahe, Finland


Juho Huovinen

Jussi Mannisto

Archana Ramalingam