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Interactive Storytelling

Interactive Storytelling

[Windows Phone 7] [Silverlight] [Visual Studio] [C#] [.NET Compact] [MS Hawaii] [Speech Recg] [OCR] [XML] [LINQ]

The Intelligent Systems Group at University of Oulu, in their recent research has presented several applications in which, using Near Field Communication (NFC), children learn new subjects by touching objects in their environment using their mobile phones. The basic motive behind the whole idea was to make young learnerís learning process interactive, appealing and more fun to do.

They want to extend their research into other possible interactivity methods such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Speech Recognition

The goal of this project was to build a WP7 smartphone application capable of providing these interactivity methods. The developed application is capable of loading stories dynamically (from an XML file), and deploy it on a pre-designed GUI skeleton along with multimedia contents (fetched from the internet). It responds to childrenís input like voice, hand written characters (captured using camera) and the traditional touch screen interactivity (type-in text and on-screen buttons).

The application employs Microsoft project Hawaii Cloud Services for OCR and speech recognition. This was also one of the secondary aim of the project to test the feasibility of using Hawaii services. i.e. to test the feasibility of using the external cloud for processing speech and OCR instead of processing them locally on the phone.

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ISG, University of Oulu


Archana Ramalingam